How will you advertise?

We have ongoing partnerships with influencers on Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Odyssey and more. As crypto veterans, we understand which avenues receive the best traction. The more we are able to raise from sales, the bigger campaigns we can put together, including PooCoin Charts, QuickChart, Leo Finance, CMC, Google ad words and other pay per click banner ad platforms specifically geared towards crypto enthusiasts. We will also leverage traditional SEO tactics with back linking, news articles, and other qualified coverage. All advertising expenses will be documented transparently in our social media platforms.

Can I update my image?

No, at least not yet… Eventually, when all of the Polypixels are claimed, we will be launching a peer to peer marketplace. At that point we will have an option to update your image and URL for a reduced fee. Until then, all images and URLs are permanently locked and immutable.

How are funds applied to advertising?

We have a revolutionary model that will take all funds collected through sales of Polypixels and apply it to low risk yield producing smart contracts. The yield produced will be split and used as marketing funds indefinitely. This will result in a continually expanding budget to promote our platform and projects advertising with us, without ever spending the principle. Part of the ad spend split will go towards our team for further development.

I made a mistake on my ad, now what?

Unfortunately, all sales are final until we implement our peer to peer marketplace. The best way to avoid this is getting a clear understanding of how our platform works and asking questions ahead of time. We are always happy to help you are verified social media, and email address at info@polypixels.io

How do you handle scam projects?

Although we do our best to vet all participating projects, the crypto landscape is ever-changing. NONE of the projects we advertise are directly affiliated with our platform and in no way an endorsement. You are responsible for all your actions and we are not responsible for any funds that may have been lost. All that being said, if we determine a project to be a scam or rugpull it will be removed and the next Polypixel in our queue will take its place. This does not apply to projects that abandoned development, broken links, or any other red flags unless gross negligence is determined. All decisions are final.

What happens when all Polypixels are claimed?

Once all of the Polypixels are sold, we will be launching a peer to peer marketplace. Current owners will be matched with potential buyers based on sellers terms. The original wallet used to purchase the Polypixels will retain ownership proven through our databases and on chain transactions. More will be announced as to how this will operate once we are closer to selling out.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, Affiliate marketers can earn up to 20% of polypixels purchase price. Use the following referral URL and update your wallet at the end to receive credit. Then, use that URL to promote. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe0p-0Y12TVw0hQQV2Fs0fwp4piJieFVZxL1JjSNXwIsGjiww/viewform?entry.967112212= (insert wallet address)

How do I buy Polypixels?

Fill out the order form at the top of this page and follow all the corresponding instructions. Turnaround time is currently 24 to 48 hours.

What projects can advertise?

Any blockchian project is welcome to advertise with us, regardless of the native chain. Crypto influencers, bloggers, crypto rating websites, gaming platforms, etc. are also all eligible. We give special priority to projects related directly to The Polygon Network with a 10% discount of listing prices. If your project is not relevant or determined to be a gray area, we will return your funds.

What is our Featured Advertisers Program?

Our Featured Advertisers Program (FAP) highlights proven projects that have been vetted and verified by our team. Outlined and/or animated Polypixels determine this status.

What to ask us something else?

If your question isn’t listed above, feel free to contact us and we will answer as best as we can.